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Sealed ends, healthy hair! The jaguar TC 400 - Otherwise known as The Hot Scissors here in Javea.

Wellness meets high tech! Hair in its natural state has sealed ends, the continuing mass in the hair, keeps all the scales and fibers together! When the hair is cut in the conventional method; the ends of the hair are open to atmospheric attack! The continuing mass drys out, then the hair loses its elasticity & volume! The surface appears Matt and dull! The ends begin to fray, and the hair becomes brittle resulting to split ends! The jaguar TC 400 thermo cut means sealed ends healthy hair!

When the hair is cut using the thermo cut system! The hair ends are sealed & return to its natural state! The body in the hair is then naturally maintained and is then protected against environmental damage! So more body! More shine and more elasticity! Hair is easier to maintain, giving more shine! This treatment is a more well care treatment!

How this works; one blade is heated, and seals off the ends making the hair more tangible and easy to care for! The thermo cut system has been individually tested and tried !

Mimis Kru Thermocut Scissors

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